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If you would like to buy or reload additional credit to your laundry card, you can use our online shop or one of our sales outlets to meet the specific needs of your laundry room.

To add credit to your vesta account please use the “connected payment system” button below.

Please select the specific card type required by the payment system in your laundry room.
If you have any questions, we will are glad to help you.

Our cards

Elektron valeur

Approx 25 hours of use


Elektron Cycles

22 cycles


MV série

Approx 20 uses



Approx 20 uses


Hyperion 100

Approx 20 uses



Approx 10 hours of use



Approx 6 hours of use



Approx 10 hours of use


Reloadable card

New reloadable card


Credit for reloadable card

Credit Units of CHF 20,-

Access & account creation

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Creating an account  allows you to access your personal customer space and enhances your shopping experience.

All card orders placed before 10:00 A.M. will be shipped the same day.

Upon your second entry to the shop a star will highlight the card that is associated with your registered laundry room.

Connected payment system

Your laundry room is equipped with a vesta connected payment system, and you would like to create an account or increase your credit line?

You can directly access  your account here:

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