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We do our utmost to optimise your laundry experience:
when it comes to your laundry room Lavorent is your single point of contact, from card purchase to customer service.

We are always there for you!

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Our new graphical identity

Lavorent remains Lavorent

This new logo modernizes our look and  alignings with the common image and identity of the Solasa Group brands.

We look forward to continuing  to work with you, offering you our services and an experience of unchanged quality, under this new look.

Lavorent Cards

Each laundry has it own payment method. Get the right card for your laundry room on the Lavorent Webshop.

To top up the credit on your vesta payment system, please visit the section for our connected payment systems.

Tutorials and instructions

Do you have questions about the use of your equipment, the payment system ?

Check out our video tutorials and find the operating instructions for our laundry appliances here.

Self-service laundries

Salon by Lavorent self service laundries offer a modern and welcoming space, designed for your comfort and safety.

Do your laundry in less than an hour or wash your bulky items in the best conditions, thanks to ultra-efficient and eco-responsible washing machines and dryers.


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