Water - Our driver for a sustainable commitment

Switzerland's leading service provider for household appliances in multi-dwelling buildings

The power of water, a symbol of energy and sustainability, lies at the heart of the Lavorent Group: a raw material for our activity in shared laundry facilities and household appliances, it also symbolizes the group's value of energetic and trustworthy commitment. Our five companies have more than 40 years of experience, during which time each one has established itself as a benchmark in its business and region.

About us

Collective laundries

A single contact for your needs in managing shared laundry facilities in residential buildings. Provision of latest-generation equipment, user care, maintenance and troubleshooting - a comprehensive service that makes life easier for everyone involved.



Salon by Lavorent laundries offer a modern and welcoming space, designed for comfort and self-service laundry. Do your laundry in less than an hour and wash bulky items in the best conditions thanks to ultra-efficient and eco-responsible washing machines and dryers.



Sales & after-service of household appliances 

Three companies as partners of the best-known kitchen and laundry brands. For new projects, renovations or replacement of appliances, residential building managers are supported in their decision to purchase, install and repair. Through the commitment of the employees, a comprehensive and reliable service in the greater urban areas of Lausanne, Geneva, Bern and Zurich is guaranteed.





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Our partners

The Lavorent Group is proud to count on a large list of long-term partners in the property field. Here you will find a national selection of building owners who are among our customers since many years.