Tenant Area

This area is available to users of laundry facilities managed by Lavorent. Here you will find all the important information to make your laundry day a positive experience.

What can we do for you?


Shop laundry cards

Your laundry room has a card payment system and you want to buy a new card? Quickly order your card online from our online store. Do you have any questions about buying your card? Then call us. 


Shop Western Switzerland

Shop German-speaking Switzerland

Vesta account

Your laundry room has a VESTA payment system and you want to create or recharge an account? Click on the appropriate link and follow the instructions.


Top up VESTA account

Create VESTA account

Hotline / Breakdown service

Do you have a technical problem with your laundry, an appliance, the laundry card or other questions? Contact us by phone or Write us..



 Western CH 058 387 70 70

 German CH 058 387 70 77

Tutorials / Instructions for use

Do you have doubts when using your laundry equipment or would you like to learn more about its functions? Consult the user manuals and video tutorials for the most used washing machines, dryers and payment systems.


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